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Note: If You Are Looking To Extend/Renovate Your Bedroom, Kitchen or Bathroom. Please Click Links On Left Side Bar.

If You Need To Extend/Renovate Other Areas Of Your Home We Can Help. We Can Work On Areas Listed Below And More!

Sometimes you are happy with the way your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom space are. But maybe your lounge is a bit small, or the rumpus needs a bit of renovating so your children can play in a much more pleasant environment. Here are some information for moments like these to help you out on your building journey!

What Other Rooms/Extras Can We Extend/Renovate? Check Them Out Below


Living Room Loft Rumpus Room

he living room is one of the
most important rooms in
your home. You spend
most nights in their with
your family watching
movies, playing board
games and much more.
Something is bugging you
but you don't know what it is.
Maybe its a bit too small now
or the style no longer thrills
you. Enquire today!

A loft is a very unique
sort of room based right
under your roof? You love
living in a loft but now it's
a bit too small? We can
extend it for you and even
renovate it. If you would
like to add a loft to your
home it will take awhile to
plan but trust us, we will
make it happen.

We also can work with Rumpus
rooms. Is your lounge full of toys
and other entertainment
appliances? Your lounge most
probably has lost it's
aesthetics it once had.
Add a rumpus room to keep
all that unwanted stuff in. We
can also extend it for you and
Deck Balcony Kitchenette

We can even get a deck
built for you. No matter
the size we will build it to
suit your needs. Talk to us
today and we will help you

Balconies are quite popular
with two storey houses.
Perfect for a barbeque or
even a nice set up for
outdoor family dinners.
Do you want it to be made
of timber? aluminium?
glass? Open or closed
roof. No matter what your
needs are we are here to

Thinking of building
an extension to support
another family?But wait
theres no space for
kitchen? Have no fear,
we can get a kitchenette
built for you.