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The Satisfying Way to Extend/Renovate Your Kitchen Starts Here

The kitchen is the heart of your home so you would want to make sure it perfectly suits you! Is your family becoming too big? or is your kitchen aesthetically outdated. Here are some useful information for you to know to start off your building journey!

Choosing the Right Bench Top That Suits You and Your Family!


Granite                                        iQuartz Formica
Granite     iQuartz             Formica


Amazing Facts

This stone is formed from
being exposed to extreme
temperatures of 871 degrees.
Much like lava it cools down
then becomes hard and dense.
In fact it is second to diamond
in terms of hardness.

Due to it's high resistance
to blistering, scorching,
cracking and scratching it
is the number one choice
in using natural stones for
your kitchen bench top.
Polished granite, with it's
high gloss, reflects light
beautifully adding
elegance to any room.
The gloss will never fade
away and is easy to
clean with a soft cloth
and warm water.



Amazing Facts

iQuartz was first introduced
in the 1980's in Italy. This
stone is
made of crushed
stone bound
together by
a polymer resin glue they
named Bretonstone.


iQuartz products are gaining
popularity and are
preferred over
granite stones
because they
require less
the surface is
more consistent
than natural
stones making it
easier to
clean. Its polymer
resin glue
allows flexibility,
preventing cracking under
flexual pressure.
Also it is
more resistant to mould and
mildew so it is more hygenic.
As a result, iQuartz is another
popular material used for 
bench tops.


Amazing Facts

Formica laminate is composed
of several layers of kraft paper
impregnated with melamine
thermosetting resin and finished
with a decorative layer protected
by melamine, then compressed
and cured with heat to make a
hard, durable surface.


Formica has become quote
popular as it is the most cost
effective product, although it
does not possess high

resistance to scratching or
scorching and is hard and
durable if looked after properly.
Due to the way it is made there
is a huge selection of colours
you can choose from compared
to the other materials and
because it is lighter, bench tops
normally arrive with the kitchen
cabintery so there is no delay
with installation.