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The Comfy Way To Extend/Renovate Your Bedroom Starts Here

This is the most important room in your home where you spend most of your time with loved ones. It is your private space, your sleeping area so be sure to alter it the way that best suits you and your family. Here are some information to help you start your building journey!

Choosing The Right Layout That Will Suit You and Your Family!

Natural Lighting                     Windows                                
Bedroom Size


Helpful Information

Thinking of altering your bedroom
but we bet you didn't think of this
It is important to decide where you
would like natural lighting to shine
into your room. Nothing is more
worse than having a bedroom
that is cold and damp.
Find out where you would like to
position your bed and look into
allowing sunlight to shine upon
that area. If only half of the
bedroom ever receives light from
the sun, a good idea is to put a
big window on that one side only,
if it doesn't already exist. Avoid
windows that  have too many
designs that get in the way, that
will be discussed in the windows

Amazing Facts

Sunlight is extremely good for
your skin as it helps your body
to create vitamin D. This vitamin 
is important because
it regulates the absorption of
calcium resulting in stronger
bones and aids in cell to cell
communication throughout our
body - Our nervous system
relies on this communication
in order to operate efficiently.
In addition, heat removes 
moisture and bad bacteria that
grow in damp areas. Naturally
creating a healthier environment 
for youself.


Helpful Information

Softwood windows are cost
effective but need to be
protected by a natural wood
finish or paint. As the wood
is tender it requires regular
Hardwood on the other hand
is expensive but is more
durable and only needs
the protection of oil.
wooden windows if you don't
want to spend too much money.

Double-glazed (two sheets of
glass) vinyl windows
are excellent at insulating
heat and sound. If your
room allows a lot of sunlight
through but you don't want
the heat to be too strong, this
is a good option. Also it will
keep all that unwanted traffic
noise and all your drunk
neighbours from affecting
your sleep. They come in
many different colours and
require little maintenance.

This option is excellent if you
require maximum light into
your room because the frames
are small. Since aluminum
has incredible strength it is
capable of supporting a large
expanse of glass. However,
this material conducts heat
out of your home so double-
glazing may be required to
reduce heat loss. These
windows are durable and
require low-maintenance.

Amazing Facts

By the mid 16th century many
wealthy households had 
glass windows.
 Glass windows
were such a precious commodity, 
owners would have the glass put 
safely when they were 

This is only a basic guide,
you can get customised
windows with a mixture of
wood, aluminum and vinyl.

Helpful Information

A single bedroom normally
consists of 7m2. It is ideal
if you want to add an extra
bedroom for your child who is
growing up or convert a section
of your home into a single
Although most
modern houses don't usually
build single bedrooms anymore,
it is still an option if you want to
be cost-effective in the short term.

A double bedroom normally
consists of 13m
. It is ideal if you
want to put your children in
the same room (perhaps two)
or you now have children
growing up fast, this can be
suitable for them. It is very
spacious and the above measurement
also includes a built-in
wardrobe. Today most homes
prefer to build a double bedroom
over a single, many factors
contribute to this such as;
your home will be of more
value on the market, as your
children grow up and move
out you can give the room
to your younger child.
It cost-effective in the long run.

A master bedroom normally
consists of 18m2. This is an
ideal room for yourself and
partner, being so large it
normally has an ensuite
as well and perhaps a
walk-in-wardobe. Benefits of
a master bedroom is you can
decorate your room extensively
without space restrictions.
A mini lounge, huge television,
so much space so have fun with it.

Amazing Facts

In order for your room to be
considered a bedroom, it must 
contain a bed.

The most expensive bedroom
is called Baldach Supreme 
created by Stuart Hughes and
costs more than $4.6 million.