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Are you looking to add a bathroom to your existing home?

A&A Extensions can build additional bathrooms to your home and completely fit it out. We have done many bathroom extension/renovations for our clients within Auckland so no job is too complicated for us. 

Choosing The Right Shower That Suits You And Your Family!

Ceramic Tiles                               Porcelain Tiles                        
Acrylic Plastic


Amazing Facts
Tiles were already used back
in the mid 16th century but only
for important public buildings
and home of the wealthy.

Before they were made with
and were priced
Today it is created
using machines and this has 
greatly reduced it's cost. No
why they
are not just
for kings anymore.



Made from clay ceramic
bathroom tiles are
due to it's water resistant
If grout lines are
sealed properly and the tile
not damaged,you have a fully
water proof
shower. In some
cases, these tiles can
short periods of standing water

without being damaged.Due to
its durable
attributes they are
considered a permanent
installation that shouldn't need
to be replaced
at all within the
lifetime of the owner unless it 
becomes aesthetically out of 
date or damaged. Ceramic tiles
are more cost effective than




Amazing Facts
Porcelain tiles are often
extruded, contains less
impurtities and often has more
kaolin then it's brother. Kaolin
is soft white clay added to
improve the tiles strength,
giving a smoother surface
finish, ability to withstand
strong temperatures of heat
and coldness.

Porcelain tiles are extremely
good for showers because
it  has a low water
absorption rate of 0.5%. Not
only can these be used in the
shower, it is excellent for the
outdoor as well. Due to the way
it is made by dust pressing
methods and through-body 
composition it is more dense
and durable and are more
resistant to wear and damage
than ceramic tiles.
Chip the porcelain and the
colour is on going, an advantage
of that is the chip will be nearly
invisible so you don't have to
worry about tiles looking

Amazing Facts
Acrylic plastic was first
discovered in 1877 by two
German scientists by the
name of Fitig and Paul. This
discovery was not on
purpose but merely an
accident of their lab being
set on fire, many chemicals
had fused and combusted
in the accident. After
returning they found a
material which we now
know as plastic.


Acrylic plastic is light but very hard and
durable. It is put into extreme
heat than cooled down in water,
they are excellent for shower
purposes and will not be
vulnerable to mould damaging
it. A quick wipe down is all that's
needed. Acrylic showers usually
come with pre-made installation
parts and instructions so they are
very easy to put together by
someone with medium experience.
Acrylic showers are mostly installed
in ensuites although you can
have it in the main shower if you